• Français
910true dots under 340true true 1500none
  • 5000 fade true 60 bottom 80
    chambre d'hote gray haute saone
    Au calme et proche de la ville
  • 5000 fade true 60 bottom 80
    gray saone chambre d'hote gray location
    Des extérieurs reposants
  • 5000 fade true 60 bottom 80
    Location chambre d'hote gray
    Un intérieur raffiné

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Sometimes, when the guests give me a little  free time, I take my drawing paper,  and  pencils, and I sketch a picture. I study and correct my picture, and then all of a sudden, I have a figurine, from here or somewhere else, a princess to be coloured, or illustrations for childrens  book .“Potions magiques contre les cauchemars” is actually looking for a publisher .

If my work interests  you, you can join me here,  (click here) or by phoning me.

Béatrice Desprat

I  have also designed  the graphics for a range of perfumes, please click here to see the site of the Amanati  Perfumes


NB : Please note all my work is protected by copyright .
If you wish to use them, please contact me. In advance, thank you